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Pool Leak Detection and Pressure Testing

Don't let a leaky pool get in the way of your fun in the sun!


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All You Need to Know


What is pressure testing and why is it important?

Pressure testing is a process during which the water lines are tested to make sure no hairline fracture exists in the pipes, thus eliminating the possibility of a leak in the plumbing. Early detection of any abnormalities is essential to the smooth operation of your pump. Additionally, the high costs of serious leak repairs can be minimized by early detection.


How much water can you lose and what will it cost you?

Aside from an increase in your utility bills, a leaking pool will cause expenses in the form of repair costs, a potential need for a full system replacement, as well as damage to the pool deck and surrounding vegetation. 

  • In terms of gallons, you can lose up to 970 gallons of water per day - this will cause a spike not just in your water bill but your electricity bill as well since the pump will be working overtime to replenish the lost water

  • Considering the average water cost of $8.79 per 1,000 gallons (based on daily consumption) this can add up to an additional $255 per month to your water bill

  • The sooner you detect a leak, the lower your expenses will be! 

How do you identify a potential leak?

A lower water level isn't always an indication of a leaky pool. Many environmental factors such as heat, wind, or high humidity can cause fluctuations due to evaporation. There are a few tell-tale signs you can keep an eye out for to identify a potential leak :

  • Water loss of over 1/4 inches per day

  • Air bubbles form around return lines

  • Small new cracks in or around the pool

  • Soggy areas in the vegetation (e.g. grass, soil, etc.) surrounding your pool

  • Lifting and/or sinking of your pool deck and/or loosening of pool tiles

  • The need to add water more often than usual

  • Consistent water chemical imbalance

Think you may have a leak?

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